Fat Passion – Fusion Food in Phnom Penh

Fat Passion Logo

Online there’s not much information about Fat Passion and their menu, in many ways it feels like they are a bit mysterious. They are also only open on certain days between 18:00 and 22:00. We entered the place after having checked the menu outside and decided me and my friends wanted to share a BBQ platter. We went inside and the waitress really tried to upsell our order by offering several other dishes from the menu. My initial thought was that either our BBQ platter will take a long time to make or then the thing we ordered would not make us full. Actually, in the end we realised it was a combination of both these things.

Gweilo Pale Ale

We we waited for the food for almost an hour, drank one of their Gweilo craft beers that probably had been stored in a hot place for a very long time. Basically, it tasted very bland. When we finally got the bbq platter that was supposed to be for 3-4 people, we realised this food, for $32 would surely not make a hungry american full. Firstly, there was 1/2 a chicken which is not much, a few ribs which obviously contains very little meat and a few salads that is not going to fill anyone´s belly. The food in itself was absolutely fantastic, but for a portion that can not even fill 2 people for $32 it’s not a fantastic deal. Also the waitress tried to upsell other dishes about 4 times which was annoying.

Cousin’s Burger & Coffee – Burgers in Phnom Penh

When asking people about the best burger in Phnom Penh I have time and time again heard the name Cousin’s. People have been recommending it and said it’s without a doubt the best burger in town. Another name for best burger that has come up frequently is Lone Pine Cafe I will soon visit and write a review about.

Cousins was supposedly started by two French cousins, hence the name.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh

First impression about Cousin’s burger and café was that it was inceredibly hip. It has a bit of a fastfood vibe, but incredibly cool. I ordered their signature burger and was pleasantly surprised that they asked if I want it medium, rare or well-done, that’s already a fantastic sign.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh Menu

I got my food very fast, with a Cambodia beer that was $1.9. The soft drinks were the same price and I was obviously not going to order my burger without beer. I’m also not a huge fan of fries so I did not wants a set meal which was available for about $3 more than just the burger.

I got the burger and as you can see from the picture it looks great. The bread is made fresh every day and it tasted great but I was surprised they hadn’t grilled it. When you don’t grill at least the inner sides of a burger bun is soaks up all the juices which can make the bun soggy, which happened to me. Also, the patty was a bit thin and my medium burger was actually well-done in the end.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh Interior

Apart from that it was a great burger. It was very flavourful with a nice salad and salad dressin on the side. They also gave you a sauce for the burger that you could add if you wanted. Everything from the caramelized onions to the Raclette cheese and the Rucola tasted fresh and good. It was a real enjoyment to eat the burger as I discovered new flavours for the whole time I ate the burger and it made it a proper burger experience. Burgers are after all my absolute no.1 dish so this made me happy.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh Cookie

When I paid the bill of $8.4 they also brought me a small orange-flavoured cookie to round of the meal. If you’re looking for burgers in Phnom Penh then Cousins is definitely not a bad option. I totally understand its popularity and the 5 star they have on Tripadvisor.

Katanashi – Japanese Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Katanashi is without a doubt one of the most talked about restaurants in Phnom Penh. It’s a so called Japanese tapas bar and I have heard nothing about rave reviews about this place for the past 6 months. Katanashi’s roots can be traced back to 2007 and the restaurant has previously been in both Japan and Singapore. Also, it’s from the same owners as No Style which is in the same little alley as popular craft beer bar Embargo and the speakeasy Battbong.

First I need to praise the interior of Katanashi. It’s a perfect place to come with friends, with your girlfriend or alone. It’s beautifully designed and they have paid much attention to every little detail. Most of the items on the menu are between $2 and $5, but as it’s a tapas bar most portions are bite-sized so you will need to order a few dishes at least. This adds up, but it’s by no means an expensive place.

Katanashi Chefs

I order some grilled beef which came in a small (kruka) with coals in it. The meat was a bit chewy but there were 3 “special” sauces to accompany it. It’s $2.9 for 100 grams and you can choose however much you’d like to eat. I also had an omelette, from some city in Japan, maybe, but probably not Osaka.

My third dish was the chicken Karaage which was one of the most tender chickens I’ve eaten in a long time. My favourite of all these dishes was however the Soba with tartar sauce. The fish was fresh and the tartar was absolutely delicious.

Katanashi is also famous for their games. For example when you order a drink you can choose to throw 2 dice. Depending on the outcome you will get a free beer, pay half the price for a beer or pay double the price for the beer. The good thing with this game is that if you have to pay double, the glass is also double the size. Luckily enough I got my beer for 1/2 price which means I only paid 50 cents for it.

The staff also has a small gimmick where orders are yelled in japanese and the rest of the staff will reply with “HAI”, which I think means yes in Japanese.

Overall I had a really nice experience in Katanshi. I think I prefer No Style, but both are absolutely fantastic options for a nice dinner. It’s relatively affordable, the food is of great quality and the atmosphere is really nice.

Sakana Lab – Japanese Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Sushi Rolls Sakana Lab Phnom Penh

I can start with saying it’s not the first time, nor the last time I’m at Sakana Lab. Sakana Lab is in the same alley as popular places like the Craft Beer Bar Embargo and speakeasy Battbong. This Japanese restaurant is one of the most popular ones in the BKK1 area of Phnom Penh.

The menu consists of a lot of seafood, but also a few different variations of normal sushi and sashimi. It’s not cheap, but still a lot cheaper than the sister restaurant Sushi Lab on the sane street. Most of the dishes are between 6-8$ and the quality of food makes it worth it.this time I felt like some sushi so I had salmon and avocado roll plus spicy tuna.

Sakana Lab Japanese Restaurant Phhnom Penh

During all the times I’ve visitied this place the food has never let me down. Beer at $0.50 a glass is also a bargain. Not only does this Japanese restaurant in Phnom Penh serve great food, the customer service is fantastic. When you enter there is not a person that wouldn’t greet you. Doesn’t matter if its the chefs or the waitresses, everyone gives you a warm welcone. The same applies to when you leave the restaurant.

All in all Sakana Lab is a fantastic place to visit if you want some Japanese Food in Phnom Penh. After that you can always stop by Embargo Craft Beer bar next door for sone delicious craft beers.

Score 4.5

Gerbie’s – Salad Bar in Phnom Penh

Gerbie's Salad Bar in Phnom Penh Outside

Gerbie’s is a very unassuming place serving salads and paninis in the BKK1 district of Phnom Penh. The interior of this Phnom Penh restaurant could need a revamp because while the place you order your food looks nice the seating area has seen better days. It’s not really a place to come and chill with your friends but if you’re craving for a salad in Phnom Penh then Gerbie’s is not a bad option.

I was nicely greeted by the staff, placed my order and sat down. I opted for the pesto panini melt with avocado and feta cheese. Sounded too good to refuse and at a fair price of $5.5. At Gerbie’s you can mix your own salad for $5.25 which is a bit cheaper than neighbouring salad cafe Vego. The warm salads are between $7 and $9.

Gerbie's Salad Bar in Phnom Penh Panini

I got my food relatively fast and the panini was tasty. They also had a nice salad sauce you could pour on the accompanying lettuce or dip your sandwich in. Whereas Gerbie´s is no 5-star culinary experience the panini hit the spot and I’d gladly come back one day if I was in the mood for that.

Score: 3.5

Carolina BBQ – American Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Brisket at Carolina BBQ American Food in Phnom Penh

Carolina BBQ at the Russian market area of Phnom Penh is somewhat of a fastfood place. hen I say fastfood don’t think McDonalds or KFC, Carolina BBQ is serving real food. First time I went to the place I had a burger. However, it’s silly to charge 1$ extra for the cheese because who doesn’t want cheese on their burger. The burger was not really up to par for $6.5 (including the cheese). BBJ’s Burger is a better choice in the Russian market area, but I went during the grand opening so they were really busy.

I decided to go once again. That time they told me they have smoked brisket on the menu for 9$ including 2 sides. I ordered the brisket with mac and cheese + coleslaw. The Angkor, by the way, is 1$ at Carolina BBQ. The brisket was fine, proper american style. Smokey and a bit sweet. No bad things to say about the mac n cheese or coleslaw either.

Carolina BBQ American Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Considering the price point I might not be going back anytime soon though. It’s not really expensive but for a place that considers themselves a fastfood joint there are more affordable and tastier options in town, Pito’s Piri Piri Chicken is one of them, where you can get a huge chicken sandwich for only $4.5.

Carolina BBQ is not the worst american restaurant in Phnom Penh, it is actually quite good, but neither the price nor the ambience is anything that would make me a regular. Also, I beg them to skip the add-on for the cheese, no one in their right mind would not want cheese on their god damn burger. One good thing is that if you’re looking to watch NFL, Super Bowl, Basket, Baseball or anything similar in Phnom Penh they have a few screens to watch the games on.

Score 2.75

No Style – Japanese Restaurants in Phnom Penh

No Style is the second restaurant from the owners of the popular Japanese Restaurant Katanashi in Phnom Penh. No Style is only a stone’s throw away from Katanashi and it’s in the same alley as other popular spots like Embargo Craft Beer Bar, Sakana Lab and Battbong.

No Style focuses on something called Japanese skewers. The restaurant is very small but cozy at the same time. Make sure to watch your head when you enter the restaurant because the doorway is surely made for small Japanese people.

Whisky Cocktail Menu at No Style Japanese Restaurant Phnom Penh

Everything about the interior is really cool and all the seats, except for one table, is situated along the bar desk. The cooking of the skewers takes place in the middle of it all. The menu has a lot of interesting options and most skewers range from $0.9 to $4. It is quite cheap but I warn you that easy to rack up an impressive bill when eating at this place.

Duck Skewers at No Style Japanese Restaurant Phnom Penh

Started with getting the chicken skewers which was a great start because it really blew my mind. It was a long time since I’ve eaten such a nice piece of chicken. The best of it was that it was very simple but managed to taste great. After that I ate duck skewers, leek wrapped in bacon, pork berry (sic), chicken blest (sic), and quite a few more. One better than the other. All of this also comes with very typical Japanese condiments like some kind of garlic mayo, wasabi, and more.

Grill at No Style Japanese Restaurant Phnom Penh

They also have a cool selection of affordable whisky drinks. You can choose between a normal whisky & soda but you can also get different mixes with lemon etc. There’s also sake and the popular Japanese beer Sapporo. If you want Cambodian beer they have that on tap for $0.8 a glass.

All in all I had a very pleasant experience at No Style. The interior is great, they even have a cool light outside of the bar showing the name and the food is fantastic. Located on 51st street BKK1 in Phnom Penh.

Score: 4.5


Flavors of India – Indian Restaurants in Phnom Penh

I had walked past Flavors of India many times but never actually went in. I was surprised how fancy the place was and it was a long time since I’ve last enjoyed lunch is such a nice environment, usually I leave that for my dinners.

Don’t be put off by the fanciness as the dishes are relatively affordable. A Chicken Masala at Flavors of India is for example 5$, and most dishes run between 4 and 6 dollars. Staff was very friendly when I sat down and funnily enough their old Khmer worker fell asleep at one of the tables.

Flavours of India, Indian Food in Phnom Penh

I decided to order a Bharwan Tandoori Aloo, or at least that’s what I think it is. First I was served Papadum, a crispy bread thing, with condiments. Tasty and simple. I especially enjoyed the green chutney they had.

After about 20 minutes of waiting my food arrived. The plate was sizzling hot and I really enjoyed the food. Of course I also ordered some Naan to fulfill my meal. The taste was great, couldn’t really taste any paneer that is supposed to be in the dish, but maybe it was finely minced to that could have been the reason.

Staff at Flavours of India - Indian Food in Phnom Penh

Overall the food was quite good. I’d rather go and have a big dinner there one day so I can properly taste their different dishes. Ambience and service was however top-notch, and prices were reasonable.

You can find Flavors of India on Street 63 in BKK1, not too far from Lucky Supermarket. They also deliver through mealtemple.

Score: 3.5