No Style – Japanese Restaurants in Phnom Penh

No Style is the second restaurant from the owners of the popular Japanese Restaurant Katanashi in Phnom Penh. No Style is only a stone’s throw away from Katanashi and it’s in the same alley as other popular spots like Embargo Craft Beer Bar, Sakana Lab and Battbong.

No Style focuses on something called Japanese skewers. The restaurant is very small but cozy at the same time. Make sure to watch your head when you enter the restaurant because the doorway is surely made for small Japanese people.

Whisky Cocktail Menu at No Style Japanese Restaurant Phnom Penh

Everything about the interior is really cool and all the seats, except for one table, is situated along the bar desk. The cooking of the skewers takes place in the middle of it all. The menu has a lot of interesting options and most skewers range from $0.9 to $4. It is quite cheap but I warn you that easy to rack up an impressive bill when eating at this place.

Duck Skewers at No Style Japanese Restaurant Phnom Penh

Started with getting the chicken skewers which was a great start because it really blew my mind. It was a long time since I’ve eaten such a nice piece of chicken. The best of it was that it was very simple but managed to taste great. After that I ate duck skewers, leek wrapped in bacon, pork berry (sic), chicken blest (sic), and quite a few more. One better than the other. All of this also comes with very typical Japanese condiments like some kind of garlic mayo, wasabi, and more.

Grill at No Style Japanese Restaurant Phnom Penh

They also have a cool selection of affordable whisky drinks. You can choose between a normal whisky & soda but you can also get different mixes with lemon etc. There’s also sake and the popular Japanese beer Sapporo. If you want Cambodian beer they have that on tap for $0.8 a glass.

All in all I had a very pleasant experience at No Style. The interior is great, they even have a cool light outside of the bar showing the name and the food is fantastic. Located on 51st street BKK1 in Phnom Penh.

Score: 4.5


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