Carolina BBQ – American Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Brisket at Carolina BBQ American Food in Phnom Penh

Carolina BBQ at the Russian market area of Phnom Penh is somewhat of a fastfood place. hen I say fastfood don’t think McDonalds or KFC, Carolina BBQ is serving real food. First time I went to the place I had a burger. However, it’s silly to charge 1$ extra for the cheese because who doesn’t want cheese on their burger. The burger was not really up to par for $6.5 (including the cheese). BBJ’s Burger is a better choice in the Russian market area, but I went during the grand opening so they were really busy.

I decided to go once again. That time they told me they have smoked brisket on the menu for 9$ including 2 sides. I ordered the brisket with mac and cheese + coleslaw. The Angkor, by the way, is 1$ at Carolina BBQ. The brisket was fine, proper american style. Smokey and a bit sweet. No bad things to say about the mac n cheese or coleslaw either.

Carolina BBQ American Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Considering the price point I might not be going back anytime soon though. It’s not really expensive but for a place that considers themselves a fastfood joint there are more affordable and tastier options in town, Pito’s Piri Piri Chicken is one of them, where you can get a huge chicken sandwich for only $4.5.

Carolina BBQ is not the worst american restaurant in Phnom Penh, it is actually quite good, but neither the price nor the ambience is anything that would make me a regular. Also, I beg them to skip the add-on for the cheese, no one in their right mind would not want cheese on their god damn burger. One good thing is that if you’re looking to watch NFL, Super Bowl, Basket, Baseball or anything similar in Phnom Penh they have a few screens to watch the games on.

Score 2.75

One thought on “Carolina BBQ – American Restaurants in Phnom Penh

  1. So, I don’t understand where you got the idea that Carolina BBQ considers themselves fast food. BBQ is the complete opposite of fast food. It takes anywhere from 6-12 hours to cook (depending on the meat being smoked). The service may be quick, but BBQ is definitely not fast food.


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