Flavors of India – Indian Restaurants in Phnom Penh

I had walked past Flavors of India many times but never actually went in. I was surprised how fancy the place was and it was a long time since I’ve last enjoyed lunch is such a nice environment, usually I leave that for my dinners.

Don’t be put off by the fanciness as the dishes are relatively affordable. A Chicken Masala at Flavors of India is for example 5$, and most dishes run between 4 and 6 dollars. Staff was very friendly when I sat down and funnily enough their old Khmer worker fell asleep at one of the tables.

Flavours of India, Indian Food in Phnom Penh

I decided to order a Bharwan Tandoori Aloo, or at least that’s what I think it is. First I was served Papadum, a crispy bread thing, with condiments. Tasty and simple. I especially enjoyed the green chutney they had.

After about 20 minutes of waiting my food arrived. The plate was sizzling hot and I really enjoyed the food. Of course I also ordered some Naan to fulfill my meal. The taste was great, couldn’t really taste any paneer that is supposed to be in the dish, but maybe it was finely minced to that could have been the reason.

Staff at Flavours of India - Indian Food in Phnom Penh

Overall the food was quite good. I’d rather go and have a big dinner there one day so I can properly taste their different dishes. Ambience and service was however top-notch, and prices were reasonable.

You can find Flavors of India on Street 63 in BKK1, not too far from Lucky Supermarket. They also deliver through mealtemple.

Score: 3.5