Fat Passion – Fusion Food in Phnom Penh

Fat Passion Logo

Online there’s not much information about Fat Passion and their menu, in many ways it feels like they are a bit mysterious. They are also only open on certain days between 18:00 and 22:00. We entered the place after having checked the menu outside and decided me and my friends wanted to share a BBQ platter. We went inside and the waitress really tried to upsell our order by offering several other dishes from the menu. My initial thought was that either our BBQ platter will take a long time to make or then the thing we ordered would not make us full. Actually, in the end we realised it was a combination of both these things.

Gweilo Pale Ale

We we waited for the food for almost an hour, drank one of their Gweilo craft beers that probably had been stored in a hot place for a very long time. Basically, it tasted very bland. When we finally got the bbq platter that was supposed to be for 3-4 people, we realised this food, for $32 would surely not make a hungry american full. Firstly, there was 1/2 a chicken which is not much, a few ribs which obviously contains very little meat and a few salads that is not going to fill anyone´s belly. The food in itself was absolutely fantastic, but for a portion that can not even fill 2 people for $32 it’s not a fantastic deal. Also the waitress tried to upsell other dishes about 4 times which was annoying.

Gerbie’s – Salad Bar in Phnom Penh

Gerbie's Salad Bar in Phnom Penh Outside

Gerbie’s is a very unassuming place serving salads and paninis in the BKK1 district of Phnom Penh. The interior of this Phnom Penh restaurant could need a revamp because while the place you order your food looks nice the seating area has seen better days. It’s not really a place to come and chill with your friends but if you’re craving for a salad in Phnom Penh then Gerbie’s is not a bad option.

I was nicely greeted by the staff, placed my order and sat down. I opted for the pesto panini melt with avocado and feta cheese. Sounded too good to refuse and at a fair price of $5.5. At Gerbie’s you can mix your own salad for $5.25 which is a bit cheaper than neighbouring salad cafe Vego. The warm salads are between $7 and $9.

Gerbie's Salad Bar in Phnom Penh Panini

I got my food relatively fast and the panini was tasty. They also had a nice salad sauce you could pour on the accompanying lettuce or dip your sandwich in. Whereas Gerbie´s is no 5-star culinary experience the panini hit the spot and I’d gladly come back one day if I was in the mood for that.

Score: 3.5