Cousin’s Burger & Coffee – Burgers in Phnom Penh

When asking people about the best burger in Phnom Penh I have time and time again heard the name Cousin’s. People have been recommending it and said it’s without a doubt the best burger in town. Another name for best burger that has come up frequently is Lone Pine Cafe I will soon visit and write a review about.

Cousins was supposedly started by two French cousins, hence the name.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh

First impression about Cousin’s burger and cafĂ© was that it was inceredibly hip. It has a bit of a fastfood vibe, but incredibly cool. I ordered their signature burger and was pleasantly surprised that they asked if I want it medium, rare or well-done, that’s already a fantastic sign.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh Menu

I got my food very fast, with a Cambodia beer that was $1.9. The soft drinks were the same price and I was obviously not going to order my burger without beer. I’m also not a huge fan of fries so I did not wants a set meal which was available for about $3 more than just the burger.

I got the burger and as you can see from the picture it looks great. The bread is made fresh every day and it tasted great but I was surprised they hadn’t grilled it. When you don’t grill at least the inner sides of a burger bun is soaks up all the juices which can make the bun soggy, which happened to me. Also, the patty was a bit thin and my medium burger was actually well-done in the end.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh Interior

Apart from that it was a great burger. It was very flavourful with a nice salad and salad dressin on the side. They also gave you a sauce for the burger that you could add if you wanted. Everything from the caramelized onions to the Raclette cheese and the Rucola tasted fresh and good. It was a real enjoyment to eat the burger as I discovered new flavours for the whole time I ate the burger and it made it a proper burger experience. Burgers are after all my absolute no.1 dish so this made me happy.

Cousin's Burger Phnom Penh Cookie

When I paid the bill of $8.4 they also brought me a small orange-flavoured cookie to round of the meal. If you’re looking for burgers in Phnom Penh then Cousins is definitely not a bad option. I totally understand its popularity and the 5 star they have on Tripadvisor.

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